The Ennis’ home project pt.1

Phase one complete

I’ve been working on a residential project for Erin & Michael Ennis in Fayetteville, NC. They are two awesome people that I met through my husband Matt, since he used to work with Michael. They had a couple problems in their house that they needed my help to fix, the biggest being their two different styles.

Michael likes clean straight lines and he gravitates toward modern furniture. He likes the Shaker mentality of building things since it looks more simple and put together. Erin loves color and texture and anything fun; she’s my kind of gal. The problem they had with their styles was finding a way to combine the two so they’d both be happy. They had a mish mash of furniture from over the years that was holding them back from having their home feel like them both present-day.

Disclaimer: I know the “Before” photos aren’t the best quality but I wanted to include them for comparison.

“Before” photo
"After" photo
“After” photo
Custom curtains I sewed, mirror to open the space up.

Their dining room was great before but they wanted a more updated version that felt more like them as a couple.

"Before" photo
“Before” photo
"After" photo
“After” photo
Ennis home
Mood board for the living room design
Product breakdown
In case you had any questions 🙂

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