Mini organizing project: Pantry

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Pantry Before & After

Today I had nowhere to rush off to so I figured it’d be a good time to put my new food storage set to use. Just using that 5 piece set and a new shelf totally cleared up some space in the pantry. I wanted to use the shelf to have a place for the appliances to go while utilizing the floor space. I was inspired by all the pictures on Pinterest that I have in my “Organize” board, but those have a certain “look” to them… They’re what you would see in someone’s house that has lots of money to spend on containers and what not, along with several multiples of the same item (no regular person has the need/space for 30 cans of soup or 5 lbs of onions). So my “After” shot is what a real home’s pantry looks like while trying to maintain some sense of organization. I hope these pictures inspire you to do something different with your pantry when you find some free time!


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