Spray paint art how-to

On Saturday we did a teaser post on Instagram (can be seen here at http://ink361.com/#!/photo/362513037978075556_268147143). This post is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the spray paint art that has become popular recently. It’s fun, pretty easy to do and cheap if you start out with a thrift store find.

What you will need:

Vinyl letters
Spray paint
Thrift store art
Possibly a frame
X-Acto knife or anything sharp
An awesome quote (*make sure to include the person’s name who was quoted)

Spray paint art how-to

And here’s how it looks!- Edwin Land

Looks great with the surrounding pop of coral
DIY art
Example of one I did with oil paint.

I would suggest spray paint over oil or any other paint since it doesn’t spread. With this piece I wanted it to look rough so I didn’t completely cover the painting behind the quote, but the paint did spread a little under the letters. It ended up not having a look as crisp as the latest picture we did.

Good luck & have fun! If you mess up then you can start over with another thrift store find for about $5 at most.


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