Pin-Up show entries

Written by Jessica Harris

So I was recently asked to help design a poster for the AIGA Portfolio Review that’s coming up in April to be passed out at the Pin-Up Show this Saturday. It came down to mine and another student’s design and unfortunately mine wasn’t chosen. But that has given me the extra push I needed to blow some minds and impress some judges w/my design skills at the Pin-Up show. I’m still deciding what I want to enter at the show but I’m most likely going to use these three pieces. Wish me luck guys, should be a fun night. And hey, there’s 2 drinks included with the ticket so I’ll be enjoying some drinks while I check out some awesome work from some of the newest designers in Atlanta.

My poster submission
#1 Pin-Up Entry: Self Illustration
#2 Pin-Up Entry: Photoshop Surrealism
#3 Pin-Up Entry: Flash Website

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