Interesting & Creative business cards

Written by Jessica Harris

We all want to stand out from the hundreds of others that are in the same business as we are, and what better way to do that than have a memorable business card. I love to see the many ways people come up with to promote their businesses. Here’s a few that I’ve seen lately that have caught my eye, whether it’s with a beautiful color scheme, an eye-catching design, creative shapes, or just something that I’ve never seen before. Enjoy.

Rounded Letterpress Design
Drink coaster shaped business card for a Furniture and Interior Design studio.
“Business card” on the cork from a wine bottle.
Name tag business card, Simple but straight to the point.
“Doodle” business card, what a great way to showcase your talent in a small space.
Plastic Surgeon Business Card
Odd choice for a business card but cant knock it for its creativity, that’s for sure.

Via CardObserver

Such a beautiful use of color, i love how each has its own unique color scheme. This definitely has to be my favorite card.
I love how the matte and glossy finish play off each other so well, the simple black with the splash of color in the logo is the perfect touch.

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