One day design services

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

one day design

This is an idea we’re throwing around to try to find smaller projects so we can help more “real” people. In that we mean the regular people who live on budgets but want change in their lives. That can come in the form of getting help with designing rooms in their home, getting assistance with furniture or maybe paint selections. Maybe you’re part of a start-up business and need help with a logo or a poster.

The one day design is for those who are intimidated by hiring an designer or feel it’s not in their budget. By doing a one day design, you get the end product that you need but at a faster rate which equals money and time saved. Most of this will be done over the phone, email, or text so we can help anybody anywhere. For those lucky enough to be in the same area as us get a little bit more… of us.

I already have a client who needs help with their master bedroom, and they’d be the perfect guinea pigs to try out the one day design. For us, in the end, it’s about helping people. They get a revamped bedroom at a cheaper cost and I get awesome “after” shots to show you all here on the blog & in my portfolio. We’ll see how it goes!


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