Written by Jessica Harris

So the Pin-Up show went well on Saturday, it was so good to see so many talented artists, photographers, and designers with the courage to showcase their work for all to see. I know for me it was nerve-wracking but with a little nudge I grabbed those push pins and snatched up some real estate on that blank wall. I chose the 3 pieces from my previous post about the show to hang up. When I got to the web/interactive section of the wall my stomach turned…there was only 2 other pieces hanging on that section.

I guess I found it easier to pin my work up next to the 50 others that were covering almost every inch of the other sections but to see that my website would be only 1 of less than 5 hanging in an entire section definitely got my nerves going. But I sucked it up and posted it on that wall and walked away.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the entire event but what I did see was awesome. Later that evening I got a surprising text from a very cool chick that I spent most of the evening with before I had to jet. She informed me that some of the industry professionals had seen some of my work and showed some interest….which of course made me so excited I wanted to run around the room screaming.

Right now I’m waiting to hear if anything comes of this but it makes me feel great that mine was able to catch some eyes amid the sea of others…even if my category was rather small, that’s beside the point. Anyway I’ve got my fingers crossed and ready to answer the call if either try to pursue my talents. Sorry for such a long post just had to let some of my anxious excitement out since running around screaming at the top of my lungs isn’t really a good option at 12am on a Sunday.


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