Thumbnail madness!

Written by Jessica Harris

Thumbnail designs

So this quarter I’m taking all evening classes and they’re finally some demanding classes which I thrive on, but of course who doesn’t like to think they’re so amazing they can just breeze through anything 🙂 Anyway, this is only the second week and I can already tell one class is going to be stress/anxiety filled. But hey it’s only going to make me a better designer so I say, “BRING IT!” After several hours of thumbnails, my hand felt like it was going to fall off and the whole time I was thinking “THIS is why I hate drawing!!”  But now that I can look back on the first ideas I had, it makes me happy I did them. So many ideas have come from those little two inch squares, it makes me realize how useful the entire process really is. I’m so looking forward to the logo I end up turning in!


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