Ombre mania

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Warning: This is a very random post. It’s 1:30 am and I’m rambling. 

Ombre has only been on my radar for several months now. How long it’s been a trend, I don’t know. I will say that after reading Hello Giggles’ post on ombre hair last week, it got me thinking about it again. I’ve been doing things to my hair as long as I can remember. There once was a time when it was natural, chemical free… those were the carefree days.

Baby Rach
Dyeing me some eggs. Not dyeing my hair just yet.

I’ve relaxed it, cut it too short, cornrowed it (my granny did that to me in 6th grade. I had the biggest thickest glasses to boot, it was not pretty). I’ve had it too blond, too fried, too red, too long (who would’ve thought I could ever think my hair is too long?) There’s always something, grass is always greener blah blah blah.

It’s crazy how a little dye or snip of the scissors can make you feel and look so different than before. I love all that is beauty and as weird as it is, I feel it helps keep things fresh when you reinvent yourself every couple of months or so.


I figured it’d be fun to do a hair collage to show the different styles and colors. All it did was make me want my long hair back again. I told myself 2013 was going to be my year of hair.  I would do all the fun crazy styles I’ve pinned on Pinterest. All those fearless women that have done as they please, that’s my inspiration.  I always say, “hey just cut it short and for the days you want long hair, slap on a wig!” You have to be bold to rock a wig and not care what people think. You also have to be pretty bold to shave up the side of your head like Jessica does every month. If I can be that crazy and fearless, then I can do anything I want in other aspects of my life. I’d hope it’d help me be more creative and daring in my designs, the way I feel inside needs to match my outside.

So, I’ve been looking for ways to change  without the long term commitment. I get tired of stuff too easily, I have the constant need to change something about myself. Maybe that’s the creative person’s struggle, or maybe it’s cause I’m a girl. Anyway, doing ombre in ways that are more short term, such as in clothes, makeup, nails, art keeps that freshness I mentioned before without the regret the next day. (Why did I chop off 6 inches of my hair a month ago?! Oh yeah, it was damaged and dry that’s why!)

These are some images from around the web that caught my eye and provide me with a list of future projects to try. If I can’t do it I can just appreciate that the images give me something pretty to look at.

Ombre collage
1- / 2- / 3-

I love love love the chick’s tights in that first picture. The whole shot is just perfect, with the pink spray paint on the textured run down wall.

Via Surface WorkShop
I’ve always admired fashion designer’s style of drawing. Via here

I absolutely love free hand sketching, I love the looseness of the strokes, and relaxed look of the finished product. Combine that with beautiful watercolor ombre shades and what do you get? This glorious mamma jamma.

Cool designs from 1-




Watercolor images

Too cute, total hot vampire shoes. I can imagine Pam wearing these on True Blood… The clothes have gotten so sexy on the past season.

As you can see I’ve been in a pink/magenta mood all day. It’s feminine and fabulous, a lot different than wearing my workout pants all day and not leaving the house. I did come across a motherload of a good blog, it introduced me to lot of cool blogs today. Shout out to, , , , Please check out their blogs, they are chock full of good posts and images. #Collaboration anyone?


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