Things are a-happening!

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

I’m working on a home redesign for a friend who is the perfect client because she knows my style & trusts that I’ll make the right decisions for her home.  Her home is about a year and a half, not a whole lot needed changing because she had a great start on it.  She just needed help making it feel more personalized & “cleaner”.

Before picture

The first major change was changing the wall color from tan to a cool grey (Valspar 6004-1B Woodlawn Colonial Gray). My client wanted to be brave and bring some color up onto the ceiling which was a great choice because it felt unified even though we chose a lighter greyish-white color (Valspar 5006-1A Comet Dust). I chose grey tones so the green curtains would pop against the darker color. These paint colors are choices that help the room feel crisp & calm despite having bright fun colors as the accents.

Things are a-happening!
Painting Day 1

This first photo was taken on February 1st, 2013.  The walls were a nice boring color, pretty much the standard builder grade tan. There’s nothing wrong with tan at all, but this particular client loves color. She’s not afraid to have several large bright paintings dictate the color palette of her home, which makes for an exciting process.

This second photo was taken on February 13th, 2013, the painters were just finishing up the ceiling part of the painting.  Most people would think painting the ceiling would make it look lower, but in fact it makes the place feel better because it draws your eye up to it.  Once your eyes are up, they settle on this light fixture.  The client didn’t like it for some reason that she couldn’t explain.  I can to the conclusion she didn’t like the sharpness of it, so I started looking for more organic shapes.

Finishing touch 2- Find a replacement light for over the dining table

Part of my process is making an Olioboard to help visualize which light works best in a room. In this case the room is an open floor plan that consists of a living room/dining room/kitchen area.  The curtains were the client’s previous choice, they had to stay so they dictated the feel of the room(s).  I feel like the curtains made the rooms have a bit of a Moroccan kind of feel, so I thought texture and natural materials would be good to create a more relaxed feel.   The circled fixture was perfect to go over the dining table because it’d really give you interesting to look at.

Moroccan inspired lighting choices


That dark bronze looks great w/the wood table.

The client loves ampersands, so I figured it’d be best to do DIY projects (to help save $ too) for the art I planned to use on the big open wall. I felt a collection of the ampersands would be more cohesive and have a bigger impact if they were all together and not scattered around the house.

Custom Sharpie art I did last week.
Customizing the decor.
Collection wall


Things are getting better looking but those tv cords are still out in plain site, messing up the “clean” look I’m going for.

So we had the electricians come in and feed all the cords through a tube in the wall, down to the wall socket (since it’s a newer home, the tube was installed when it was being built).

no cords
Just need to find storage to hide the DVR cords.

See how much “cleaner” it already looks?

After picture
After picture

I’m so excited to finish and move on to the next level of her house.  We still have a couple smaller items to get to be completely finished but we’re a little closer to the next phase!


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