How we came up w/our name

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Several months ago Jess and I sat down and did some brainstorming. We needed a name for our blog that truly expressed what we do separately and who we are together as designers. Believe me, there was a long ol’ list, but eventually we decided we like CMYfabriK the best. *FYI it’s not read as “See My Fabric”. No, we don’t sell fabric. Yes, we do know how to spell fabric. It’s just the logical name that worked for us to combine what Jess does as a graphic designer and what I do as an Interior Designer. (Read as C-M-Y-fabriK)

I felt the need to explain this now because I had a friend say they didn’t understand what the blog was about. I have a feeling that’s probably how our mom feels too 🙂

I’ve been on a CMYK-ick today so I wanted to show some cool designs I’ve found that relates to that printing process we all know and love.

A lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ I made today

This poster is so clever!

Below is such a cool design because it is relevant to anyone who has is interested in things  like sewing, painting, photography, interior design, music, drinking (lol), skating, reading, and film. There’s so many more that I’m not even noticing yet.

I totally agree with this. Well, except for the “white space” part. I still have trouble remembering that “White Space Is Not Your Enemy”. I’ve always loved just filling up a page with text and pictures until there’s no space left. I have so much to show in such little space! But I’m slowly getting there I guess.

(Closeup of a t-shirt). I love how trippy it looks when you see the overlap of colors. I has a lot of movement going on, maybe I should have put out a seizure disclaimer before showing this pic.

How fun would it be to have all four of those pillows in your living room?

Meninos website

I love this skull image because it’s dark and grungy feeling but the colors make it pop and look pretty. And I love the printing markings along the top and sides, don’t ask me what they all mean cause I don’t know.

Lastly, I’ll include these cause I think they’re too cute for their own good.


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