Uber Exhausted

Written by Jessica Harris

So I’m not sure if any of you remember but a couple of weeks ago I posted about the pin-up show and how my teacher told me that a local professional asked about one of my “pins”. I was super excited to possibly speak to him and maybe get some feedback. Well, I guess my good joo-joo paid off because (drum-roll please)….. I GOT AN INTERNSHIP!!!!

I couldn’t believe how crazy my week turned out to be, I went from being a nanny to an intern at a kick ass design shop in Atlanta! I can’t even begin to explain how stoked I am about this amazing opportunity.

Not only do I get to learn from some creative people who have been doing this for YEARS (believe me, I plan on being glued to them until they swat me off their shoulder like an annoying fly) but I have even been able to work on some projects! Today marks my first official week at Lyda Interactive and I hope to be there for many many many more to come.

Check out my awesome workspace aka design heaven (and my new little buddy too).



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