Needing a lil’ pick-me-up

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

This is the point where I’m excited and nervous for us as designers. I feel like we’re standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, it’s like “what happens next”? Do we trip and fall to our deaths or do we jump and have one of those weird sugar glider bodysuit things that help you fly around for a while? Guess it just depends on how you look at it, glass half full & all that.

Here’s some inspirational images to help remind Jess and I that we can keep on keepin’ on despite being busy with school or work. The fact that we have more work now can only mean good things, it means we’re gaining experience, doing what we love and getting to meet cool people along the way.

Erick Marinovich
I have this one saved as my phone’s wallpaper.
Jess and I will be that for each other. Our own little kick in the pants.
And this one is a background on my computer. It reminds me to do stuff.
So stop nitpicking the little things and look at the big picture. Focus on what people will see, not what you think isn’t exactly perfect.
Katie Swanson

What usually picks you up when you feel self doubt or nervousness?


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