Guest post: Dulles Glass & Mirror

I love to save money and I especially love saving clients money.  Whenever I can, I like to do DIY projects because the process of making something out of nothing (while saving money) makes me happy.  Being a military wife, I like working w/other families in the area to help them redesign their homes to make them more personalized.  I understand the fact that military families are always moving from state to state and sometimes along the way pick up furniture through various methods that might not be entirely their style.  Sometimes these families get stuck in homes or apartments that aren’t a true reflection of them and they get stuck on how to fix it

Last week Dulles Mirror & Glass contacted us w/a guest post idea about DIY, so we got excited to see what they had in store for our readers.  They will be showing us several DIY projects that can be done over a weekend, to make your place that much more glamorous & personalized.

DIY Mirrored Dresser

This Do it Yourself mirrored dresser project will set you back around $300, but that’s a lot cheaper than the $800+ retail version at Pottery Barn. Mirrored furniture is a great way to brighten up a space and getting a custom glass mirror cut to size is easy. Dulles Glass and Mirror offers the ability to order a custom mirror online, made to your exact specifications. All this project requires is a little sanding, painting, and “mirror masticing” a mirror on to the top surface of the dresser. For the full instructions of this DIY project, go here.

DIY Sunburst Mirror (photo)

DIY Sunburst mirrors are one of the most popular DIY projects on the internet because of their ease, low-cost, and pride-worthiness. They also make for great gifts, and similarly to mirrored dressers, a DIY made sunburst mirror is a lot more affordable than the designer mirror, counterpart, which often times doesn’t even look as good as the result of a DIY project.

DIY Wooden Bench (photo)

This bench is a simple bench from IKEA for $80.00 — and the traditional white color, just lacks that pizazz a decorator’s room needs. Especially, a room with a lot of light. Look what happens when you add a little bit of yellow paint to the bench. Now it can easily become the perfect design cue for a colorful room.

Designer Tile Accents (photo)

Often times the whole point of being a do-it-yourselfer is to save money. In this example, by having accent tiles cut out and inserted into the bathtub wall (instead of tiling the whole bathroom with designer tiles), it makes for a cheaper price tag with a very effective sleek design cue. The “DIY friendliness” is still there and it is a lot more ideal than routing all of your tile-work.

Every DIY project comes with varying difficulty, price tags, and time dedications, but I think the commonality between all of them is quite simply the pride factor one gets when completing one.

About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror, an innovative manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products. Follow Dulles Glass and Mirror on Twitter @dullesglass or on Linkedin to see how they’re changing the way glass products are manufactured, customized and delivered.

Thanks Shahab and Dulles Glass & Mirror, what an inspiring post. Hey readers, if you decide to take on one of these projects, let us know how it goes. Send us pics and comments, we’d love to see how you guys DIY!


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