Inspired by the light

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Since I had extra time on my hands this weekend, I figured I’d take the advice of Erik Johansson and work on my portfolio.  A lot has changed in my portfolio book since I started my online portfolio, so I really needed to get started on updating.

This post is an explanation of my thought process for a design I did while in Institutional Design class, which is just another name for healthcare design. We were given a space that would be located in a strip mall setup, that would sit on the end of the row of businesses. I saw this light fixture from Vibia and it sparked some inspiration to design a sports rehabilitation center.


You’re probably wondering how that light made me think of rehabilitation… I imagined the process an injured athlete has to go through while on the road to recovery. Each day is an opportunity to heal and make progress in their rehabilitation, no matter what kind of injury it is. So this process is like steps that build upon each other, going up higher and higher.

rehab success

In addition to that light fixture, I came across this project from 2008, the Carema Healthcare Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The design was done by TAF who is Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom.

Helathcare Center Gullmarsplan

According to,

The clusters of layered materials in neutral colours are inspired by bandages, plasters and other medical equipment.

While that’s good and all it sounds kind of somber, so I kept the “building blocks of success” in my head as the inspiration for the rest of my design.

small plans

I wanted to focus on the push and pull of spaces, with the placement of all the different rooms. The room placement was important because the entry into each of the exam rooms needed to have privacy since there are other people walking down the hallway.

BOX section-color


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