Minor blog change

Written by Rachel L. Ritter


The purpose of cmyfabrikblog.com is to have a place to visually show what’s going on in Jessica’s or my head at any given time.  At first we decided a schedule of posting only on Tuesdays & Thursdays would be good to start with.  We figured it was a slow enough pace to keep on top of, but…

Turns out there is still way too much bouncing around in there!  So I’ve decided we will post whenever need be. That may be once a week or four times a week, we shall see.   All this means is, is it gives us more time to get to know other designers and artists through guest posts and interviews.  Some of them may be just starting out like we are, or others may have been doing this for years.

Why is it I always feel most creative around 11 pm and later?  This is when I should be going to sleep, not searching around on Pinterest or Instagram.  My only problem is there are simply too many awesome things out there and not enough time to share it all with you guys.

Enough of me, time to go to sleep.  Or maybe I’ll go post some more cool photos on Facebook and Twitter.  Good night!

p.s. Update: Ain’t nobody got time for posting several times a week. When I first started this blog I had so many ideas and so much time, fast forward a couple years and now I have a full time business and a 7 month old daughter. Now I’m lucky to get out 1 post a month! How crazy is that?! Here’s hoping things slow down (in a good way) and I can get on a consistent schedule again…

“He’s losing his mind… and I’m reaping all the benefits.”

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