CreativeLIVE this week (2/25 to 3/2)

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Grant Hewey (@gthy_pr) is a friend of ours from high school who is the Lead Creative Designer / Videographer at JVL Los Angeles.  He recently suggested we check out  Turns out it’s an online resource that offers FREE live classes in photography, business, software, design, video & film, etc.  Starting later today (Monday) there will be a week long event where 12 instructors will teach 40+ classes on various topics.  Visit to enroll for free.

Some that we’re interested in for 2/25/13  

9 am PST: “Good Work Habits” taught by Dave Cross

1 pm PST: “Getting up close & personal w/brushes” taught by Khara Plicanic

2:45 pm PST: “Working w/text” taught by Khara Plicanic

Comment below if you have already signed up and plan on joining us in getting our schoolin’ on!


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