Elton John + David Furnish’s LA Home

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Such a great cover, very inspirational.

The March issue of Architectural Digest has such an amazing cover. It’s taken in Elton John’s home where he lives with his partner David Furnish and their sons Zachary and Elijah.


This image was taken in their living room, where the main focal point is an art installation done by Jeremy Blake.  The installation consists of a C-Print image, which means it’s an image made through a special process:

The class of colour photographic processes known as chromogenic are characterized by a reaction between two chemicals to create the color dyes that make up a photographic image. Chromogenic color images are composed of three main dye layers—cyan, magenta, and yellow—that together form a full color image. The light sensitive material in each layer is a silver halide emulsion—just like black and white papers. After exposure, the silver image is developed (or reduced) by a special color developer. In this reaction, the color developer in the areas of exposed silver are oxidized, and then react with another chemical, the dye coupler, which is present throughout the emulsion. This is the chromogenic reaction—the union of the oxidized developer and the dye coupler form a color dye. Different dye couplers are used in each of three layers, so this same reaction forms a different colored dye in each layer. Responding to both exposure and development, a blue-light sensitive layer forms yellow dye, a green-light sensitive layer forms magenta dye, and a red-light sensitive layer forms cyan dye. A series of processing steps follow, which remove the remaining silver and silver compounds, leaving a color image composed of dyes in three layers.[1]

It’s such a great piece because it has tons of fun colors to pull from when choosing the decor for the rest of the room.  The Interior Designer that pulled off this amazing room is Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  (More on him later!)


This image is the break down of all the cool pieces in this living room.  I’ll split it up so you can see sections in more detail.

right side

2- Wall sconce from Dupont

3- Art from Jeremy Blake

4- Chairs designed by Bullard

5- Side table from Ligne Roset

left side

1- Art from David LaChapelle

6- Table from Lawson-Fenning

7- Rug by Bullard for The Rug Company

8- Throw from Loro Piana

9- Vladimir Kagan inspired sofa

1. ^ Weaver, Gawain; Long, Zach (2009), Chromogenic Characterization: A Study of Kodak Color Prints, 1942-2008, retrieved 30 October 2009

Click here for Architectural Digest’s original article.  What do you guys like most about Bullard’s design of Sir Elton John + David Furnish’s new home in Los Angeles? Comment below, thanks for reading!


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