Mom & Dad

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

I received some old documents from my mom recently that I thought were pretty awesome; Jess or I hadn’t seen these newspaper clippings before now.  So after cleaning them up a bit I’m pleased to present why my family is so cool.  In our “About us” intro we briefly explain that we come from a smart & creative family, this is my way of proving it to you guys 🙂

“Smoke Signals” the Bacone College newspaper | Winter 1978

Our mom’s name is Veda.  She went to Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma which was a Liberal Arts Junior College.  She graduated with her Associate of Arts.  She later went to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado to get her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  For over 10 years she’s been one of the Bilingual teachers at an elementary school in New Mexico, teaching young children to speak their native language which is Navajo.  In the fall she’ll be attending Highlands University to get her Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Teaching.

Dad’s old business card

Our dad’s name is Dell, he met our mom at Bacone College while he was studying to get his Associate of Arts. This poor card is so beat up, it’s been all over the place between our dad and Jess and I. Of course I had to Photoshop it a bit to fix a couple of the boo boos.

The Tulsa Tribune | February 1982

I’ve always hated cleaning up newspaper articles cause I never have the patience to get down to the pixels and fix every little thing. So this is as good as it’s going to get unless Jess wants to take over the Photoshop file and do a way better job of it than I would.

Muskogee Daily Phoenix & Times Democrat | January 24, 1983

It’s crazy how much detail goes into each of his paintings.


This piece (“Motherland”) is sentimental- growing up we saw it everyday because it was and still is hanging over our grandma’s couch in Oklahoma.

Magazine covers from back in the day

We’ve always thought it was super cool that our dad has illustrated several covers of science fiction magazines and novels that were popular back in the day.

Step by step progression

“War Cat” is a piece that our dad had been working on from January 1st to about January 25th. He decided to show his Facebook followers his process, as he calls it “a peek inside at how the sausage is made.”

Visit Atomic Dog Studio on Facebook to see way more pieces Dell has done, or to let him know you like his art.  He also attends different artist’s conventions throughout the year including Fencon X, Spectrum 20 & Archcon 36.  If interested in purchasing any of his pieces, check him out on Ebay where he has a shop w/a really good family friend Angela Lowry.


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