Getting Inspired

Written by Jessica Harris

So the winter quarter is coming to an end and one of my final class projects is the branding for a project that we find on I hadn’t heard of this site before my teacher assigned this to us but it’s a very interesting site.


For those of you who are like me (living under a rock) it’s a site for people to ask for donations to fund their various projects. There were so many to choose from but this one caught my eye due to it’s shear geniousness.

Nikhil and Alejandro are so incredibly inspiring, not only have they started ONE amazing ecofriendly product (which is a feat in itself) but they now have THREE kickass products under their belts. As I watch their videos it gets me so pumped to make a difference. It means more because I’m contributing to a startup which effects all of us and by the looks of it, this isn’t going to be the last of it. It’s called the “Home Aquaponics Kit”. I’m all about growing plants or my own food but I have what I like to call an Anti-green thumb. So of course when I saw a self-cleaning AND self-watering garden I was sold! I’m a little nervous when it comes to the branding because it has to consist solely of typography but im sure I can come up with something…I have 2 weeks left so I gotta get crackin.

click here



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