Stained glass art

My friend & neighbor Barbara Lepage has a great studio in her home where she makes stained glass art. I got to take a look around in it today and there were so many cool things to see!

The pieces of glass she had were all so beautiful to look at, and some had some great texture and shimmer.
426477_4579270632922_1479004607_n 486468_4579271192936_763739855_n
Here we’re being shown the piece Barbara’s currently finishing up.
556822_4579276353065_1608010162_n 417631_4579281873203_1869524658_n
The left picture is a mobile that has cute little birds on it, on the right is an awesome scene that is above her bathtub. I love the wood grain, it looks so realistic.  I’m pretty excited because Barbara’s offered to teach me how to solder and cut the glass with all her nifty machinery.  Of course there will be pictures of that later!


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