DIY Jewelry holder tutorial

diy jewelry holder tutorial

I have a vanity table that I got with the hopes that I could bring all my makeup stuff out into the bedroom so the counter top would be less messy.  That was probably a year ago that I got it from a thrift store, and it didn’t work.  Eventually all my millions of makeup products found their way back onto the counter in the bathroom which makes it feel really unorganized.

While doing the Spring Bedroom update, I realized I wanted to change my picture wall a bit.  I know everyone’s seen the jewelry rack tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest, so I decided to make my own.  I had bought 3  old pictures in their frames from a thrift store a while back and kind of lost steam when it came to making something out of them.  I kept thinking “I’ll do something later”.  Well that “later” was last night.

Here is the original picture that I started with.

Original picture that I started with

I didn’t have any metal grate or chicken wire but I did have that green plastic fencing that we used to protect our “garden”. I cut two pieces long enough to fit the frame, using two so it’d have more substance.

I used my trusty moving box as my drop cloth and used my husband’s saw horses to keep it off the grass and driveway. He’ll be so proud 🙂

I started out wanting to paint the fencing white but wasn’t sure if the white would stick by itself. I used the gold as a primer but decided I liked it better since it looks more feminine.

Closeup of finished piece

I staggered the two pieces of fencing so there was more of an interesting pattern going on. I held them together with bread bag wires so they wouldn’t move while I was fixing them to the picture frame.


After pulling off the brown paper backing on the frame, there were tons of staples holding the picture in. So I grabbed a knife and got to work getting the picture out.

I thought since I wouldn’t paint the fencing white, I could paint the frame since we’ll eventually paint our bedroom walls, but decided against that too. There is a fine strip of gold running on the inside of the frame, which works with the gold fencing.

After I finished painting, I went over the whole thing with a clear spray paint to try to protect the gold spray paint. I’m sure there will be wear and tear the longer I use it as a jewelry hanger, but for now the clear coat should protect it.


Stapling the fencing to the frame
Cut off the excess
Done with all four sides

In this collage, I’m showing the process of cutting a piece of fabric to fit the back of the frame. By rolling the fabric over itself, it gives it a cleaner look while covering the rough ends of the fencing. Gotta protect that wall! Don’t worry too much about it looking perfect, you won’t be able to see that part anyway.

my_collage_by_Fuzel (2)

my_collage_by_Fuzel (1)
I attached a picture frame hanger to be able to hang it up.

diy jewelry holder tutorial

Hope you liked the tutorial and it inspires you to DIY something for your home. Remember, don’t stress if you don’t have the exact items needed in tutorials like these. I usually just use what I have in my home and it’s something that I absolutely need, I head out and get it.

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