Spring bedroom update

Spring update- bedroom

Yesterday I was excited to switch up our master bedroom to feel a little cleaner and more like spring. While I love lots of color in my designs, I understand the need to have a more subdued and relaxing bedroom. I wanted it to feel relaxing and almost spa-like. I saw a bed display this weekend at IKEA and was like, yep I’m doing that (or my version of that).

Bedroom before spring update

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a needed change in a bedroom. It can be as small as the art to as big as painting or wallpapering the walls. For this project I bought a few things, so I’ll provide a budget breakdown to prove my point.

Items used in bedroom update:

2 BRAN table lamps = $30 ea

2 JARA lamp shades = $19.98 ea

1 MYSA white bedspread = $29.99

2 GASPA brown pillow cases = $6.99 ea

2 GOSA ASTER pillows (shams) = $7.99 ea

Total: $160

The process:

Ikea breakdown

I have a focal wall with lots of cute personal things that I’ve saved over the years.  It has pictures of Matt, Honey & I, old valentine’s cards that came in flowers he’s given me, and that blue thing on the right was the heart backdrop I made for our unity ceremony last March in Colorado. We didn’t have a lot of decoration since we did it in a restaurant. (We were officially married two years ago in North Carolina).

Wedding ceremony

Picture wall collage

Jewelry holder w/arrow


I’ve updated the wall with all our pictures, by getting several frames all in the same shape and color.  I hoped to make it feel more cohesive and less jumbly.

His dresser

This dresser is my husband’s which means it gets left out of the design process a lot of times. He’ll use it as a catch all spot to put his change and various Army paperwork so sometimes it can get a bit cluttered. I decided to put some more of our sentimental items up there with some art, that way it feels connected to the rest of the space.  There’s the DIY bouquet I made for myself and my bridesmaids and the unity sand we poured with our moms.

Maybe that will force him to unload all his junk somewhere else. We’ll see when he gets back from his deployment, how long it stays uncluttered.  Anyway back to the subject at hand.

Because styling your nightstand is important, take time to think about the functionality of that tiny space so that it adds to the overall feel of your room but also adds to the  functionality of how you need it. If you need help, see the video by one of my favorite Interior Stylists, Emily Henderson.

side table

I had a lot of fun updating the room, I hope you like the look too!   What kind of changes are you planning on doing for spring or summer?

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