First Things First

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

G’morning everyone, happy Tuesday! Today is a lazy day since I don’t have to be anywhere until this evening, I have an organizing seminar to go to in Durham.  It’ll be a day full of laying in bed, eating and social media-ing.  This morning we’re excited to link up w/the First Things First linky party because we love collaboration and finding new sites and blogs.  It was great to be included to connect with Halie, Jenna & Kristyn and their readers.  It was pretty fun to take a look back at our blog’s firsts.

First Things First - 300 x 300

First ever blog post-  “And we’re off!” Was our first post about myself and my sis starting our blog together, which was an interview we put together that we felt would answer the questions we knew everyone would ask.

First ever comment on your blog-  Really good job. Thumbs up!” was our first comment on the “Flash Website design” post Jessica did to showcase her Flash design she did for a friend’s event planning website.

First blog-friend or friends-  As soon as we started the blog and our Facebook page, all our family and friends showed us support by following us and liking our page.  That meant a lot but it was crazy when we made our first friend through the blog that we were able to collaborate with.

The first person to contact us was Anna Thompson from Arcadian Home, she had a writer she wanted us to get to know.  Mari was the writer w/Arcadian Home that provided us with the eye-candy in our first guest post.

Another blog friend is Felicia Spahr.  We love her because she contacted us to do an interview on her blog Fel’s Got Swag.  The interview was so fun to do and we’ve been following each other since. (We are in the works of finishing her interview for us, as we speak).


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