Me, Myself & I

(The Rachel L. Ritter version)

This week is great so far, it’s full of linky parties.  I love coming across these because I get introduced to other cool bloggers and I like visiting their blogs to see what they’re about.  Plus it’s nice that they visit our blog too.  Today’s party is hosted by KV’s Confessions, My  Beautiful, Crazy Life, Whispering Sweet Nothings, lala Lists, Life in a Break Down & That’s comma with a K

1 >> Do you celebrate St. Patty’s Day? How?

The best St. Patty’s day I had was when some friends and I went down to Savannah, GA several years ago.  We rented one of those vacation homes that was a couple miles from River St. where all the magic was happening.  It took a lot of planning on Jess’ part but there were some great memories.

The year before that we went down there and crammed several people into one hotel room, it was hilarious. The lights went out while walking down the street and we ran around screaming it was the Zombie Apocalypse.

This year we had a brewfest in a friend’s backyard and had some home brewers teach us about brewing, it was more low key but I met a lot of cool people.  So I guess what I’m trying to say is it just depends where everyone’s at and how much planning goes into it that year.

2 >> It’s March which means spring break! We want to know how your spring break went or if it hasn’t happened yet, what will your spring break consist of?

I graduated last year so I get no spring break this time.  I guess it’ll consist of working, I’ll continue to find projects to work on.  Actually I should be starting a client’s home office today, it sounds like it’ll be a fun project.  I love that moment when I walk into someone’s home and start to imagine the possibilities.  When they tell me what they need help with, I love being able to work with them to make their home more personalized.

3 >> A Zombie Apocalypse happens and you’re stripped of all your luxury items. What beauty product would you miss the most?

Ha! Love me some zombie apocalypses, or is it apocalypti, lol.  I am halfway through “World War Z”, it’s a lot harder to read than I thought it would be.  I guess I’m more visual, that’s why I love watching “The Walking Dead” + playing video games like “Dead Island” and the Dead Rising games.

Anyway if I have to run out of the house to escape the zombie hordes, and I’m not able to pack any of my beauty products… I’d miss my Pond’s facial moisturizer the most  (and toothpaste!).  The Pond’s moisturizer isn’t oily feeling or too heavy, it’s perfect for my combination skin. I wanted to say my eyeshadow palette but if survival is my #1 priority, looking colorful and put together wouldn’t matter as much.

4 >> What is the one cause that you feel most passionate about?

Habitat for Humanity is a good one.  I got started with it early last year through school, we have an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) group that volunteered a couple times.  I decided to volunteer on my own more last summer and learned a lot of cool things like how to lay down laminate floorboards and even tiled a whole kitchen by myself!  I plan to volunteer again this summer to learn more skills relative to my Interior Design job, it helps to know how to DIY stuff.  Plus it feels good to know that these homes we work on will go to a family who really needed it.

5 >> What’s the #1 most played song on your ipod?

“Forever” by Haim. I love their sound and the song just makes me happy and want to dance, even though I think it’s about a breakup.  The video has a fun feel so I like it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Me, Myself & I

  1. Habitat for Humanity is a great cause. I volunteered for them a few times when I was in college and had a lot of fun. I’d love to do it again some time.

    1. Yeah you should, it’s definitely one of those causes that’s easy to do if it fits in your busy schedule. And once the days over you’re left feeling good that you did something to help people out. Thanks for visiting the blog!

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