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Written by Rachel L. Ritter

I had Accessory Design class two years ago and it was pretty much the class the changed my life (design-wise).  At our school we were taught by several architects who were very informative in their field but they saw designs a little differently than we did.  We got a new instructor who was an Interior Designer who also used to run his own business as a furniture salesman.  It was his teachings and way of thought that helped me develop my style of design.  I’d always had problems getting all my ideas out of my head and onto paper, into a presentation that people could visually understand.  It took a couple of terrible presentations and this class to be able to get better at “getting credit for my ideas”.  This helped me in my presentations for school projects and now in residential home projects.  This is the best representation of a school project that successfully showcased my design skills, my imagination and use of the Google SketchUp program.

For my final in Accessory Design, we visited an existing showroom in Chapel Hill called LIGHT Art + Design. We went on a field trip to scope out the space to get an of the layout of the space and the materials. DSCF2559 DSCF2551 DSCF2540 DSCF2541

For the project, we were to redesign the gallery to provide a space to showcase only local 2D & 3D artists.  We had the freedom to choose whichever artists we wanted, figure out the merchandise & could redesign the space however we needed (no budget).  This is the introductory post, it will include the first slides of the PowerPoint I used for the final presentation.  In total there’s like 25 slides, so I will break it down into several posts according to the spaces.

pg 1

pg 2

pg 3

Wood furniture in the “Wood Room”

pg 4

pg 5

Featured artists that styled and personalized shoes as fabric art.


This is the “Living Room” space closest to the door.  It used a focal wall to present smaller items like birdhouses and wall decor.

pg 13

pg 14

Microsoft PowerPoint - Art slides PP

pg 9

Microsoft PowerPoint - Art slides PP


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