Showroom 2 of 3

This middle area is the Retail space which includes the “Living Room” items like lighting, storage, wall art and display baskets and decor.
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Art slides PP

Chair display in “The Wood Room” which was really just a space, I didn’t want to close it off, but kept it open so you could see from one end of the gallery to the other.

chairs display


Moss in a crack on the ground.  This inspired me to put a detail on the floor that established circulation flow back toward the cash wrap and exit. Inspired by a Centiva flooring ad.

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pg 17

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Starting out I knew I wanted some eye catching displays and wanted to incorporate some fun decorated mannequins.  After a while I realized these art pieces might be too much and would take away from the jewelry that they would be used to display.  I love the sparkly mannequins so much I wanted to include an image.

RV | Flickr

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