Duro Olowu

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Try not be inspired by all the colors and textures in this line. The first time I saw it I was like, “Man! That would be such a fun and crazy time if I could translate that into a room design!”  As of now I don’t have the client to try it out on so of course I’ll make an Olioboard of it.

Duro OlowuTo start off, Duro Olowu is a Nigerian designer who has a women’s clothing line for JCPenney.  He’s based out of London and seems to have a natural fearlessness for creating bold fashion designs. What inspired me about his line is the way he  uses tons of textures on top of textures.  I’ve never been skilled enough to try it in my fashion choices, or maybe it was just being scared of trying.  With it being spring time, there couldn’t be a better time to take on the challenge of learning how to layer several busy designs on top of each other and then throwing some color into the mix too.

Bright spring fashion 2
Screen shot taken by Rachel Ritter. From the “Behind the scenes” video

Here I thought it would be fun to do a living room based off one of his accent rugs. I love the bright colors which have a spring feel, it would brighten up any room you put it in. The great thing is it’s only $25. (In real life it’s 21″x34″, I repeated it 4 times in this photo).

Duro Olowu inspired living room by CMYfabriK Interior Design

The model images used in my Olioboards are from OkayAfrica.com, check out their page for more info on Duro and his designs.

Duro Olowu inspired bedroom design by CMYfabriK Interior Design

I thought doing a bedroom like this would be challenging because there were so many different patterns, but it turned out really nice. It was easy because the patterns & decor were monochromatic (all the same color, shades or tint) of black. The pop of color in her sleeves and on the suitcase gave me something to use to ground the design, which calmed it down a bit by having different colors to use.

Duro Olowu inspired art studio by CMYfabriK Interior Design

The dress the model is wearing has a lot of great colors in it which made it a fun design to work on. I started with the flooring color because there is the tiniest bit of blue in her dress. The solid blue gives your eye a place to rest on, before charging ahead to take in all the color & textures of her dress, the art and the wallpaper.

While on VibeVixen.com I saw this quote from Ron Johnson, the chief executive officer of JCPenney:

“We want to become famous for irresistible style at incredible value every day, by introducing these exciting brands at truly affordable prices, we are making it easier for customers to look and live better every day.”

Bright spring fashion
Screen shot taken by Rachel Ritter. From the “Behind the scenes” video

We like that, we’re all about getting great looks for affordable prices, whether it’s in fashion or home furnishings.

Via sohautestyle.com

There ton’s of other colorful designs on his website, click here to see  more images of his line. Visit Go Lucky Duck or YRB magazine for some more great images and information. Thanks for visiting the blog! Show some comment love and let us know how you feel about his JCP line, if you love it or dislike it.


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