Get Happy!

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Jess and I have a resolution (that we’re actually sticking with) to collaborate as much as we can.  We’re still a new blog so it’s important & fun to reach out to other bloggers/DIYers/Interior Designers/Graphic Designers and so on.  Finding cool people to follow and learn from has really helped us to build our blog content and following.

Today has been a busy day full of super-awesome-cool-fun stuff.  It started out with coming across Melissa at the 5 foot 12 blog and her giveaway. Through that I connected with Young House Love on Twitter and an artist they featured in a post. This artist being Suzanne at Silver Tree Art on Etsy. Suzanne retweeted me, which always makes me happy.

etsy tweet

When starting this post I had several other ideas in mind but it has started to change and so I’ve come to realize what this post is about, collaboration and social media.  For the longest time I avoided Twitter like the plague, only because it was before CMYfabriK’s creation, so going at it in a personal manner seemed stupid.  Now that we have our blog it gives me a purpose and a reason to reach out to people that create cool stuff, write cool posts, or all around are just cool.

tj maxx2

I included this image on our Facebook.  This was probably the first ever follow by a major company since we started.  I had to break it down to explain it because most of our Facebook followers don’t use Twitter and wouldn’t understand if I said “Hey, TJ Maxx retweeted us and followed us back”.  It’s funny now to say that now, but we started in December and up until that point I hadn’t used Twitter much either.  Learning how to do it and how to use Twitter speak  is pretty much like learning a new language.

So anyway when I tweet stuff it amazes me when I can connect to said cool people cause it means they acknowledge what I have to say. Because we have a blog that covers any topic that interests us, we come in contact with a lot of diverse people and companies.  Retweets can be Interior Design related like these:





jane rockett

Music related like this:

Morning Parade US (MorningParadeUS) on Twitter

Fashion related like these:

Twitter - Interactions

YRB Magazine - Lifestyle Fashion Music Art Culture2

Video game related like these:

564592_4661256522518_541821067_n 644740_4661263642696_2101163445_n

I hope that this post doesn’t come across as bragging.  I definitely don’t mean it that way…  I’ve realized that after a while you probably start to lose your older tweets, so I’m glad I was able to document these all together in one post.  I’m sure as the days go on I’ll end up losing all the great tweets I have in my feed.  Hope this post brought you a little inspiration.  I wanted to end on my favorite interaction that didn’t happen on Twitter.  I connected with Antonio Ballatore on Facebook and Instagram because I took a chance and commented on his Facebook page.

antonio b


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      1. Ok, I’ll start it tomorrow (& won’t let anything distract me!) and hopefully my sis can find some time to do her part. I’ll let you know when it’s almost done. Thanks!

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