The Walking Dead finale

Elvis Zaldaris

The Walking Dead finale is tonight. What will we do with ourselves after this?! I wanted to do a roundup of my favorite zombie inspired art because I can’t escape my love of these terrible creatures.

Vlad Rodriguez

I like to fill my time with waiting for new zombie games to come out,

watching zombie movies,


or just staring at zombie art.

Pauline Darley
Nik Holmes

With this season of the Walking Dead over, I can focus my obsession onto the next season of The Game of Thrones.  I guess that also opens the door for my love of another supernatural creature, the vampire.  Now now, calm down all you hardcore zombie lovers, I got to get my fix somewhere, so I was excited to learn yesterday that the new season of True Blood starts on June 6th.

I’ve read all the books (except the latest one) so either way it fills the void I have in my heart for a while.  Hope you all will be joining us for the season finale, let me know what you do to keep you distracted between seasons.


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