Atlanta Color Run

Written by Rachel L. Ritter & Jessica Harris

CMYfabriK after the Atlanta Color Run

The Color Run was a great experience, but like any experience that everyone wants to do, there were tons of people also participating in the event.  Here’s the line on Friday to pick up our race packets.



Saturday morning had some more waiting, only this time it was super crazy traffic.  Getting there was pretty stressful since we had to get up way early and sit in bumper to bumper traffic for about an hour. On top of that we almost ran out of gas and were worried about missing the first run (which we did).  Luckily there was another one an hour later.  All the planning and stress went away once the race started and we got to play around and make a mess of ourselves.  It was amazing.

Click here to see the slideshow of our favorite pictures!

Awesome shirt drawings, a little blue man & Cat in the Hat guy
Purina TUSVM & fun colorful tutus

After the run, there was a “Finish Festival” where we got to jump and celebrate running our first 5k of the year. (Change the quality to the highest setting.  We apologize for the quality, in some parts of the video it gets grainy.  It looks great in PremierePro, not sure where the disconnect is, but we’re working on it!)

I think we might have found our new favorite event to look forward to! Will we see you there?!


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Color Run

  1. Love this! I loved the pic of Dr. Seuss! I’ve never heard of a color run before. I know there are zombie runs, but color runs? Sounds fun and lots of fun with the after party too!

    1. Yeah it’s crazy how many different kinds you can be a part of! We’re pretty excited for the Zombie “Run For Your Life”. We actually need to start training for that one, it’s an obstacle course run! Is it weird to say I’ve always kind of wanted to be chased by zombies? Lol

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