The Thomas’ dining room redesign

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

This project was a lot of fun because it was a blank canvas when I was brought in to help the homeowner’s give these rooms some personality.  The home was empty since it was just closed on.  The furniture came from the previous home but the rest of the space needed to be more personalized to the client and her husband’s style.

Dining room before
Dining room before

Furniture and materials board for the dining room

This is the inspirational image that started the redesign of the dining room.  It’s a beautiful image that the client chose, which gave me direction of where to go and how to achieve the correct feel in the space.

Inspirational image
Inspirational image

I love the end result! It’s such a modern take on a country inspired design. This design was so fun to work on.

Redesigned dining room
Redesigned dining room

Need help with a space in your home? Maybe you just want a design board done to help figure out a new look for a redesign? I offer Virtual Designs which is just that, I design it no matter where you live, you get the furniture board to take to the store and you can shop and buy at your own pace with a list of items needed to refresh your space. Visit our site to see more on how to work with me like that.


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