Fel’s got cray cray creativity

Fel's got swag interview

Felicia has been a friend of CMYfabriK’s from the get-go.  She took a chance and conducted our first real interview when we started this crazy ride known as blogging. We could tell from just one look at her blog that she was our kind of gal, and it’s been great working with her.  Fel offers tons of daily inspiration on stuff like writing, being yourself, and creativity.

How would you finish this sentence? Because of my blog

I can live the life of freedom I’ve always wanted.

How awesome is it to live in San Francisco?!  What brought you there?

The Bay Area is pretty effing legit. I love the open air, the water, the city, the people–I feel like I can breathe here. I moved up here from LA last year for a job in advertising–the last job I had when I realized I need to embark on my own adventure, because what I got goin’ on is too good not to share. 

What kind of music do you listen to right now?

Currently listening to “Clarity” by Zedd and “Gold” by Macklemore. I like to dance around in the middle of the day, or a conversation.

Show us your top 3 favorite designs.

Dude, this architecture drives me WILD.

Design for the World Expo 2010 Singapore Pavilion competition

I love all of the designs.

Gazprom City, St. Petersburg.
Gazprom City, St. Petersburg.

It just goes to show a building doesn’t have to look like a ‘building’.

Design for Vertical Village, Dubai

We don’t have to always follow the rules.

Tell us about “Write for you”.

Ah! Write For You. So exciting. I want to help people achieve their creative writing dreams. And what that means is I’m really into reinventing what writing and the ‘writing life’ is about. You tell me what you want to work on [short stories, novels, screenplays, plays, any creative medium you choose] and I act as your adventurous guide, leading you towards completion of work(s) you are excited and inspired about. I want people to get so much pleasure out of writing, it makes them want to shout their story to the world. This is a shift that happened for myself in my own writing life, and I love to be able to help people feel that for themselves and set their inner writing maven free.

Sounds cool, right?  Check it out here.

How did you get started in teaching writing workshops?

I basically just started asking people if I could teach. It’s lovely when someone allows me, and interesting when someone says no. Creativity is so important–to be able to make connections, to establish an understanding of ideas that are completely different, but are related somehow. Creativity is such a great way to solve problems, to make a living, to connect with people–I could go on forevs. But yes, I basically ask people if I can teach, and I love to get the chance.

Where would you like to be in, say 2 years?

I see myself having a full [more than full] chock full of people I’m helping and teaching. I see my short story collections being in beautiful print and out in the world–proving that magic happens when you come from a place of jam. I see myself taking a walk outside with my adorable dog and doing so for as long as I want to, because I have the life freedom and financial freedom to do so. Definitely sampling cupcakes from any bakery in San Francisco that pops up. Traveling around the world to teach. Doing some yoga on a rooftop in a sexy location. Having hip hop swagger dinner parties with friends. Having my wedding tour [my riff on the whole getting married thing]. In short, I see some pretty delicious things in my future

 Thanks so much for being a guest on our blog Fel!  We hope you enjoyed getting to know this beautiful busy body, please show her some love on her site (inspiration out the wahzoo!) | Youtube (free and fun creative writing vids!) | Twitter  (tweet her fun stuff 🙂 )

*And my new digital delight! 30 Days of Delicious Writing Fun: Innovative ways to sculpt a sexy mind, drink creative juice for breakfast, and set you and your wild, precious ideas free: http://www.felsgotswag.com/p/the-list.html 


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