April High Point Market 2013

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

I will be going to High Point Market for the first time ever. I had the chance to go while at the Art Institute as a student but for some reason I wasn’t able to go. This year will be my first time to go and first time as a Buyer. This just means I’m going with the intent of looking at all the awesome decor and furnishings while keeping my client’s projects in mind.

Each year HPMKT comes out with a new Style Report, which is dedicated to showcasing the trends of the moment in each season.  They have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it, so I figured I’d put my own spin on the current trends so I can also know what to keep an eye out  for.  I can’t believe it’s almost time!

Trend: Wire lighting

1. Worlds Away $538

2. Fab.com $25

3. Williams-Sonoma $1595

4. Currey & Company  $1120

5. Zinc Door $525

6. Pure Home $230

7. Out There Interiors  £95

These boards were so fun to do because it helps me to hone my board making skills and I get to know more about the companies and shops that I use in these. I get to see more of their products and get a feel for their styles. I wish I could use all of these products in one home design or another.

Trend: Raw wood board

To learn more about Market, visit their website or follow along on Twitter for updates and designer shout outs.  Tweet at me or comment below to let me know if you’ll be attending Market too, I’m excited to be meeting a lot of cool people this weekend!


5 thoughts on “April High Point Market 2013

  1. Wire light fixtures certainly seem to be all the craze these days! Loved these three boards you designed. I’ve never made a mood board myself…did you use photo editing software to get it looking so polished and organized? Love the owl in the raw wood board. Following y’all on Twitter and Google+ so I can stay in the loop on your design-a-licious posts. Thanks again, Rachel, for finding me and choosing to follow along on FB!

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