Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Written by Jessica Harris

I’m ashamed to say I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost a year and have yet to go to any events in the city, but today I finally had the chance and it was pretty friggin sweet. When my awesome friends Melissa and Ryne told me they were going to the Dogwood Festival I jumped at the opportunity to be the third wheel and tagged along. When I got to Piedmont Park I was in awe, it’s so beautiful and HUGE, I cant wait to take our pup Layla there. Anyway back to my story, the festival had so many amazing artists, looking down the row of booths was a little overwhelming (good thing I wore my walking shoes).

And of course one of the best things about festival’s has to be the food!! I couldn’t wait to chow down on some deliciously unhealthy treats…I may or may not have eaten more than I should have, but who goes to a festival and eats healthy (not me). After we beelined to the row of food trucks we made our way to the booths, some didn’t allow pictures but some did and I had my phone out ready to snap anything and everything. Here are some of my favorites.

Good people, good food, and a beautiful day in the park…what more could I ask for?
Trent Manning
Darrin Hoover
Jackson Junge Gallery
Kristin Thorsen
Brian J. Sullivan
Leslie Ditto
Kana Handel
Irena Saparnis

It was so nice to get out there and see all the amazing and diverse works of art. I’m looking forward to many more festivals and art shows in Atlanta, I gotta start google-ing more events…any suggestions?


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