April High Point Market 2013: Saturday

Written by Rachel L. Ritter


Saturday was chock full of events and beautiful things to see.  All weekend I hung out with my Olioboard friend Alicia Phillips from over at http://alliecat4ever.blogspot.com/.  We were introduced to each other by the wonderful and inspiring Leslie Carothers from the Kaleidoscope Partnership.  Anyway, I had a list of 20 events I wanted to make it to,  I have no idea why I thought I could do it all! To my defense it was my first time at High Point Market and there were tons of cool people that I just had to meet, so many seminars and events that I wanted to be a part of.  Luckily I was able to make it to the most important events.

Events I made it to:

Free Buyers Breakfast– Of course, there’s free food!

The Antique & Design Center was pretty cool because they hosted a lot of great events and there were so many awesome companies inside (so many that I didn’t get to visit them all) but I heard there were a lot of fun & unique finds.  Next time there I’ll have to spend more time walking through.

Lunch with Olioboard CEO Sheilah MacSporran- Here’s a video to explain what Olioboard is and the story behind it’s creation.

I use Olioboard to create mood boards almost everyday now that I’m working with clients. On my off days I participate in sponsored contests put on by Olioboard or fan contests through Olioboard Fan Room on Facebook. You can imagine my surprise when I learned I would get to see Sheilah MacSporran speak at a seminar, let alone meet her! Sheilah is a co-creator of the website Olioboard.com. It’s such a great site because it lets you create so many beautiful spaces, and it’s a real community. I have made a lot of cool friends through the use of Olioboard + Twitter.

Sheilah MacSporran & Leslie Carothers
Sheilah & Leslie after the Olioboard lunch

“Fast Forward: A Future-View of Interior Trends 2014”

This presentation was great because it showed us some of upcoming trends that will be happening the rest of the year and into the beginning of 2014.  These trends being “Raw”, “Pattern Play”, “Dramatic License” & “The Ancients”.

In between the classes they had a break so Scowters & Gnam Gnam could serve gelato (my first time eating it, it was delicious!)


 Kelli Ellis & Lori Dennis: Taste of Design Camp
design camp

The Taste of Design Camp was a fun and informative event too because there was a panel of professionals that are actually part of the Design camp that Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis run several times a year. This camp is to help Interior Designers network with other professionals and to learn more about business, trends, social media and other info about niche fields.

  I became very motivated after getting a preview of the camp, Alicia and I plan to make it to one of next year’s camps in Las Vegas!

Cool people I got to meet: Selma Hammer, Sheilah MacSporran, Donna Frasca, Jeffrey Johnson, Olivia Millwood, Leslie Carothers Olioboard lunch

Traci Zeller (more on her in the Sunday post)

Out of Charlotte, NC

Dee Dee from Trellis Studio

Amanda Kinney from the Antique & Design Center

Lisa Mende

Kelly Kole &  Joann Kandrac from Kandrac Cole Interiors

John Loecke & Jason Oliver Nixon from Madcap Cottage  (Images can be seen at Bert VanderVeen’s site: http://vanderveen.photoshelter.com/gallery/Mad-Cap-Cottage-Show-House/G0000pu_MsHzWAAE/)

Tobi Fairley

Kelly Rogers

Show exhibitors I liked:

Made Goods

Made Goods
They’re out of Atlanta!

CR Laine

At the CR Laine party that night, I got to meet people that I have met through Twitter, Olioboard and through following each other’s blogs.  Here’s a collage of some of these cool ladies that I now know in real life too!

(Left to right) Color4Charlotte, Interiors4fam, theDecorista, SoHaute

Olioboard & Twitter friends

(Left to right)  RMD_Designs, PJohnsonInt, designaddictmom & AliciaPhillips_. (thank you Alicia & Patti for contributing some of these pics)

All this was in one day- Sunday and Monday were just as busy, if not more!


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