Office redesign

I know someone who is a financial advisor here in North Carolina, she is a fun energetic woman who is very driven when it comes to her work. She’s been in her current office for about 5 years, and unfortunately this office is down to the bare minimum.

There is only the few functional items that help her complete her work, but there isn’t much else in the decor department.  Luckily she has asked me to help redesign the space, which is important, seeing how much time is spent there on a day to day basis.

Beach inspired office by CMYfabriK Interior Design

This banker likes to divide her time between North Carolina and down in South Carolina near the beach.  It was important to create a relaxing feel because she specifically asked for the space to feel like home.

Office redesign by CMYfabriK Interior Design

By choosing items that had a nautical feel, it creates a more personalized atmosphere that could help her and her clients relax more and take more time to get to know each other.  Having a more personalized and decorated space makes the time spent in her office that much more enjoyable, instead of having just the bare minimum items.


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