The Airborne Toxic Event

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

Kiss Off (Violent Femmes Cover)

Pretty sure this was the first song I saw the Airborne Toxic Event perform on YouTube.  From then on I fell in love with the band because of several reasons.  They seem down to earth and that really comes across in their videos.  The way they shoot most of their videos (bombastic style= all in one shot/one take)- it’s just more real without having all the editing and other fake junk that a lot of artists have these days.  How they perform & sound in their bombastic videos is how they sound in real life.  I finally got to experience it last night when I went to see them perform at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro.

Mikel Jollett- lead singer  |  Anna Bulbrook- violin/keyboard  |  Daren Taylor- drums

Steven Chen- guitar  |  Noah Harmon- bass

To see the pics I took visit TATENC by Rachel on

Through Twitter I connected with Kristen who’s a photographer that was shooting pics at the concert for

via Kristen

During the breaks between songs, Mikel would talk about his inspiration for writing some of the songs they performed.  The primary reason he explained was the recent loss of family members and other people who meant a lot to him.  It hurt my heart to learn he had 5 deaths impact him within the past couple of years, you can really hear the hurt in his lyrics.  Their songs are about living your life when you can and the feeling of knowing we’ll all eventually pass away…

It’s all pretty sad but to me when I’m reminded of this fact, it jump starts a need to shape my life to be what I always wanted it to be.  I’m slowly getting there- I’m doing a job I love and I’ve found a husband who’s pretty awesome because he can put up with me and he’s cute.  A couple months ago on Facebook I posted a collage showing how I think he’s a nice mixture of these hot guys, Mikel included 🙂


Matt combo

After their last song Mikel thanked everyone for coming out to the show, and said “Now go home and make some beautiful babies” (or something cute like that) .  That’s the last pieces of my puzzle in life, to make beautiful babies that will be as hard-headed as their dad and hopefully just as cute.

Anyway, they passed out their set list papers, autographed those and someone’s cast! and shook hands with people.  I got to touch Mikel’s hand, it was glorious.   Since I had an hours drive I left early, but some people stayed and got to take pictures with the band, so neat!  See everyone else’s images on Twitter using #TATENC.

Their new album

 Image goes to Itunes

The Airborne Toxic Event Site | Twitter | iTunes | Mikel’s Instagram


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