April High Point Market 2013: Monday

Written by Rachel L. Ritter

This is the last installment of my first trip to High Point Market in April.  I had such a great time meeting everyone and being able to be introduced to a lot of great furniture companies.

Cool people I got to meet:

Emily Larkin & Nathan Hejl from Material Girls blog/EJ Interiors.  They led the first Suite Spot Design tour around the Suites at Market Square building, to show us all the cool companies that they had discovered through Market, online or through use in their interiors projects.

Here we’re at Charles Harold Company. DSCN0642-ov

The Shellatier has a collection of the cutest handmade plants- all of them are made of shells!


Michel Boyd from Smith Boyd Interiors turned arrow -green-down Based out of Atlanta, Michel was very eye-catching in his snazzy outfit with emerald pants.  Visit his website, it’s beautiful! Suite Spot tour with Crystal Gentilello

Crystal Gentilello from Rue Magazine orange arrow -right She led the second Suite Spot tour to show us all her favorite companies.  Crystal has such a great sense of style- in her clothes and home decor products.


Venture Shuffleboard

Show exhibitors I liked:

Ragan Wallake from Kim Salmela– such a fun and awesome line of home furnishings.  If you visit their site, you’ll see why I love everything so much-tons of color and pattern! Kim Salmela

Plus they gave me a really cool bag that had more info on the company and some product information.  It makes me think of them every time I see this cute bag, and I love it because it has the fabric from their Calhoun Chair that I really love (the second pattern).


Morgann Paull– all the furniture there was so interesting and eye-catching.

via morgannpaull.com
via morgannpaull.com

Tara Shaw

Tara Shaw

Louise Gaskill Co.– It’s cool cause she’s out of Raleigh, I’d like to visit her showroom one of these days.


Da Ming Kai

Da Ming Kai
via twitter.com/damingkaillc

Saddleman’s of Santa Fe- I love this because it’s a modern take on old school designs.  They do metallic designs and flecks on the hides which in my opinion takes it from cowboy ranch to chic urban loft.




Barloga Studios– they had a lot of cool art in their booth.  It was so graphic yet delicate as half of the designs were on clear acrylic panels and the other half were on thin handmade paper. barloga

Tamarian Carpets

Tamarian Carpets

I only stayed for 3 days but I saw so much, next time if I attend in October, I want to stay a little longer.  Hopefully my coverage of Market inspired you to find companies or artists that you enjoy to learn more about them.  I intend to keep making Olioboards using my new favorite company’s lines.


3 thoughts on “April High Point Market 2013: Monday

  1. Looks like all great stuff! One of these days I need to replace furniture…I know where to go now!! Those handmade plants are very cool!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! You definitely should visit Market, it’s overwhelmingly beautiful. I agree, the Shellatier is such a unique idea. It’s cool to get really close and inspect them.

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