Working out, ugh

Written by Jessica Harris & Rachel L. Ritter

Rachel: That’s pretty much how I feel about exercising. If I could get paid to lay in bed everyday, watch “my stories” and eat, I’d be happy as a clam. But no, I look at a piece of cheesecake and I gain 5 pounds. That’s just how it goes. I will now put it out there into the public world- I want to lose weight. Almost enough to be back to my high school size, but a more “everyday-regular-almost 30 year old body”. Back then I was more athletic but barely had any boobs and I still wasn’t happy with my size. Now I’d kill for that body. Jess and I both kept in shape by playing on school teams for volleyball, basketball and track. Now I am more mature and womanly with a bit more realistic body but still I’m unhappy about certain parts of my body.

Jessica: I know life tends to “get in the way” when it comes to working out but I’m determined to not allow that to happen this time. School and work take up so much of my time right now, that’s my biggest challenge- finding the perfect time of day to get to the gym. My personal goal this year is to run a 5k every couple of months to help keep me motivated to stay in shape and continue working out. So far I’ve ran the Color Run, SuperCon 5k, and am signed up for the Run or Dye 5k in August…(I secretly want to run a zombie run even though I know I would probably cry a little out of fear…we’ll see). So those are my goals…what are yours? @CMYfabriK at the Color Run With summer almost here we knew it was time to find motivation to stick with a fitness routine. Jess and I were talking and figured we’d act as long distance workout buddies/motivation for each other, so we downloaded the free app “Lose It!” to help keep track of our weight loss and calorie intake. Having this platform (our blog) to be able to reach our readers and connect with you all is really great. We figured the best way to actually be held accountable was to link up with you guys and participate in challenges other members put on through the app.

Click here to download. Add us as friends through our email addresses: / Jessica-

Being held accountable to someone else really helps me personally because I know they’re counting on me and working with me to help reach my goals. So imagine how inspired we’ll be to have all of you on our friends list, it’ll be AMAZING to see you reach your milestones plus it’s fun to receive badges for your improvements.

Lose It! - Community-Profile

Lose it!

The contest begins today and will last for 6 weeks, so look out on Friday August 2nd, we will announce the winner who has the best improvement & reaches their own personal goal. Whatever it takes, we’ll all get there together and best of all, the winner gets a free shirt! *Don’t worry, Jess and I are out of the running for the shirt but are super excited to have some new workout buddies, good luck guys!Tshirt image

Comment below with your goal weight, exercise goal, or whatever else works for you. Include the hashtag #workitgirl in your tweets and pins. Tell us everything, we love new ideas! It could be the plan you’re using to watch what you eat, maybe to share recipes from Pinterest, or create your own challenge and dare us to join!


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