World War Z

I went and saw World War Z last night and was pleasantly surprised. I hope I can talk about my feelings about this movie without sounding like a know-it-all film critic as seen here and herebut anyways I’ll try. I’ve read the book and enjoyed it very much, but when I saw all the early press about the movie I started to get a bad feeling about it’s release. There was some hoopla over budget problems and producer issues, but more can be read in this link here. Anyone that has read the book knows that it goes way more in depth than the movie ever could, which is always a problem when books are adapted for the silver screen. The book is “an oral history of the zombie war” told to a reporter who seeks out many different people from all over the world and records their personal survivor experience. Unfortunately the movie only follows Brad Pitt’s character, making him some super important person while not really explaining what he used to do. It would have been better if they made it into a tv show, that way it could focus on more characters and their stories.

I will say that I liked it all in all and so I looked for some fan art from the movie to share with you guys. I came across the blog and liked it so much I followed them which you should too.

(Left) Marko Manev (Top right) Marie Bergeron (Bottom Right) Matt Ferguson.

Full images can be seen hereHere’s some more awesome zombie art just cause I felt like it.

Vintage zombie art print by Marcus Jones
via Alyssgar
via Zombiepetz
via Spooksieboo
via TheNippleofInstagram
via Toni_Sfx_01
via Tyler Dobbs Art
via ThePinupChronicals

If you like The Walking Dead and all things zombie check out our last Walking Dead post. If you enjoyed this art follow everyone on Instagram.


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