High Point Market trend coverage: Natural elements

I attended Fall Market at High Point, NC from October 19-22, 2013.  There were tons of new products to see and cool furniture companies to learn of.  I met several great people this time around and it’s awesome how quickly we bonded over shared Interior Design interests.

One of the trends that caught my eye right off the bat: everyone was incorporating natural elements in designs and decor.  (Below) Lazy Susan used Selenite in a silver bowl to add to the expensive look and feel of their showroom.  It’s an effortless way to use minerals as decor but it doesn’t cost a lot if you look on Etsy.com.

Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
Selenite accents at John Strauss Furniture

I love the use of agate rocks and Selenite in the John Strauss booth, it added a touch of bling to the already beautiful wood pieces John built.  Look at those gorgeous dovetail joints!

Agate accent at John Strauss Furniture

In my opinion, Four Hands has some of the best visual merchandising at Market.  They pay attention to every detail when setting up large vignettes consisting of several furniture pieces, but also the smaller things like place mats, shelving displays and pillows.

As “place mats” in Four Hands
Large scale wall art in Four Hands
Four Hands

Here at Century, they combined a bar cart with a stunning color choice as a custom finish.  What’s great about this piece is it’s wood but with the Sapphire finish, it looks like large slabs of Apatite.  While researching minerals and stones, I found that some people believe Apatite can enhance your creativity.  If I had this piece in my house, I would definitely feel more creative!  How could you not, especially when paired with that purple wall.   Just imagine how I could decorate a room while using this piece as a focal point…

Lotus bar cabinet in Sapphire from Century

Karen Robertson creates stunning art and wall decor by using natural materials found in nature.  Here I’m calling attention to the use of large turtle shells, but you can also floral pieces in the background.  These “flowers and plants” are made entirely of shells, I mentioned this company in a previous Market blog post.  This company would be great to use if you love coastal design and want a fun beachy feel.

Karen Robertson Collection

The next big trend I noticed is using gold leaf on things found in nature.  I love it because it adds a touch of glamour to everyday items such as turtle shells and feathers.

Gold leaf tortoise shell lamp from Worlds Away
Fallen Feathers by Natural Curiosities

Pheromone is another great example of the natural trend, artist Christopher Marley uses bugs, minerals, feathers, butterflies and other sea life to create amazing works of art that would be a great addition to any space.

(left to right) Heulendite/Stilbite crystal, Versicolored crystal, Neutral Druse crystal at Pheromone
Tritter Feefer

I was so excited to discover Kathryn McCoy Design because it was such a beautiful way to combine stone materials with practical pieces like picture frames, lamps and book ends.  The pieces were of course pretty heavy, but these pieces would provide visual interest in a space for a client who isn’t afraid of unique and edgy decor.

Kathryn McCoy Design

At Made Goods there was a lot of interesting material choices such as agate and shark skin. There were stone inlays on tables, trays and on light fixtures.  Metals were seen in mirrors and coffee tables which can create a very rich look when mixed with any style of furniture.

Brigid box & Off-White Shagreen table by Made Goods

It was cool how raffia was used on storage boxes because it’s such an unexpected texture (above). It was also great to see the cool wood combinations (below).

Camel bone inlaid in resin (back) & teak/river stones/acrylic resin table (front) by Made Goods
Design Legacy

Seeing how these natural trends were used so creatively, could you see using these ideas and translating them into something for your home?  I could use some raw minerals in my home, I just love how it adds shine and texture to a space.


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