Halloween at High Point

The Fall Market was my first time going in October, and so I thought it’d be fun to create a little game for myself. Aside from looking at all the cool furniture, wallpaper and bright art, I kept an eye out for things that had a Halloween feel. This is by no means the only things at Market that had a dark side, but these are the only ones that I noticed while there. I wish I had more time to see all the rest of the booths that were there, I know I could have found way more skulls and other fun creepy things hiding in plain sight.

During their "It's Party Time!" event
During their “It’s Party Time!” event

This light fixture would be great for a dining room with royal purple dining chairs upholstered in velvet.  I imagine a lot of white candles, fiber cement busts, elephant tusks or alligator skulls mounted on stands… you get the picture.

Image via Splurge Design

The Recycler was a unique find because the artist Gilbert VandenHeuvel made everything in the booth was made from recycled bicycle parts.  This chair has a classic shape but the “upholstered” parts are composed of the tire tubes.  There were even ottomans and wall art made of recycled tire strips.  These pieces below are small but have big impacts because they’re made of bike chains, they’re awesomely creepy!

Scorvelo & Gearantula. Images via TheRecycler.ca
Images via Gold Leaf Design Group 2013-14 catalog

Gold Leaf has many beautiful pieces that fit into this dark theme: pieces with a lot of natural texture like the “Vertebrae Mirror” closeup above, aluminum wire frame furniture and wall art.  Their decor is my favorite because it’s done in natural materials like shell, gold leaf and grapewood.

CW-ID_3260 left / CW-ID_3270 right. Images via customizedwalls.com


Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING from NOIR could fit into this category.  The brand has an overall dark and mysterious feel to it, the decor and furniture could be found in a glam vampire’s library or master bedroom.

www.noirfurniturela.com-content-Noir 2014.pdf
Image via NOIR 2014 catalog


Images are mine unless otherwise stated in the captions. 


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