Looking back at 2013

NYE 2014

There’s been a lot of change this year for us, many things are different than they were this time last year.  Just to name a couple:  Jessica learned a lot in her time at working with a graphic design firm, but things have changed which at the time seemed horrible, but in reality it has given her more family time and more time to focus on finishing up at school.  She has less than a year and she’s going to rock out these last semesters because she can devote all her brain power on school design projects and things like that.

When starting this blog last December it was my number one priority, I had time to do posts every couple of days because I had so many ideas that needed to published.  Now I am way busier with doing real Interior Design work and building the company, that the blog posts have slowed to a crawl.  I definitely see the creativity in my designs but don’t have the same feeling about my online presence with this blog, Google+ posts, Twitter or even on Instagram.

We’ve both learned a lot about ourselves and things are still changing for the better.  Which makes me want to sit down and come up with some New Years Resolutions for 2014.  Not the typical I want to lose weight and be more organized, but realistic ideas that will help us both professionally, design-wise and within the company to continue growing our clientele and building a name for ourselves.  Keep an eye out for that list!  It’s coming right ‘atcha!


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