Inspirational roundup of 2013

2013 image roundup
Pictures from left to right starting at top left corner.

Our Pinterest boards cover a wide variety of awesome topics, but just today’s post is focused on the boards that cover anything graphic design, illustrations or packaging-wise.  Since another year has passed, it was time to reflect on 2012 so I went through the design boards to find the most inspiring images of each month.  The following images have been pulled from our boards Packaging AwesomenessArt ❤, Our Blog, and Graphics & Illustrations. Follow us on Pinterest at for more inspiring pins we’ve collected.

January: Damn right, it’s better than yours. by Erik Marinovich

February: “Snow, snow everywhere” 

March: “Getting to know: Erik Johansson”

April: “The Walking Dead” by Elvis Zaldaris

May: Sketches_Bicycle by Marten Wallgren

June: “The amazing art of Robert Hendrickson”

July: Erik’s first… Oh wait! by Victor Hugo Queiroz

August: “City Harvest” – Empty Stomach Bag by Andy Winner + One Show Merit 

September: “Overexposed” by Spiros Halaris

October: Marilyn Monroe Art by Casey Miller

November: Illustration by Soleil Ignacio

December: “Red Queen” by Design Army


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