Resolution time

Written by Rachel L. Ritter
Resolutions (1)

For us to grow personally and professionally, we decided that we’d come up with some resolutions to help keep us on track this year.  The list above is a combo of Jessica and I’s things we want to accomplish in 2014, and the secret is they aren’t even that hard!  These are all things that can only make us better designers, so why wouldn’t we want to work on them?

I’ve taken a Label Design class on Skillshare before and it’s such an awesome idea for a site.  If you don’t know about it, design professionals from all over teach classes online that you can take for under $30, and it’s self paced so you can finish as slow or fast as you want.  I have a long wishlist of classes that are interesting, so I would like to commit and complete 4 by the end of the year.  These classes range from Proposals and Pricing to The Art of Self Promotion, and TONS in between.  Whatever your interest is in life, I’m sure there’s a class for it. If we jump in and get started, I’m sure it could lead to finding “new hobbies”.

I used to have to carry around a notebook for Accessory Design class that held Interior Design images that were inspirational to me, but once the class was over I gave it up.  In a way I’m still curating images via Pinterest, but it’s not the same.  So this year I want to carry around another notebook filled with images that I’ve sketched, fun fabric ideas, and all other random things that get the creative juices going.

Volunteer work is something that everyone should experience once (or more) times in their lives.  While in school I signed up with Habitat for Humanity, and have been helping them ever since.  Now it’s on and off for me, sometimes life gets too busy and I can’t get out there to help, but hopefully this year that changes.  Even if it isn’t Habitat, it could be another organization that helps people, animals, the environment- something…

In order to grow our business, we’ll have to step out of our comfort zone a bit and market ourselves to more people to try to get bigger and better jobs that can help us grow.  That’s where the “take risks”, “don’t dwell on the negative” and  “dream bigger” resolutions come into play.  To get out there and make a name for ourselves we have to be seen by the right potential clients. Sometimes when we really want a specific project and it doesn’t pan out, our feelings get hurt – but we need to realize rejection is good, and that we need to keep it moving, keep looking for more opportunities to “create some awesome schtuff”!

We had fun compiling these resolutions to help us grow as designers and as people.  What are some of your resolutions that go beyond, I want to lose 5 lbs or I want to stop smoking (which you should do anyway). Let us know!


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