Lil’ Blueberry’s nursery reveal

Just to explain the name of this post a little, when I found out I was pregnant my sister Jessica and I started calling the baby “Blueberry”. That was about the size she was when she became known to the family, so I’m guessing that was around week 7? Today I am 22 weeks 4 days, so now she’s about the size of a papaya… Side note: Isn’t this fruit chart by Andrea Arch the cutest?!

Chalkboard paint on the dresser adds easy organization.
Chalkboard paint on the dresser adds easy organization.

I redesigned the room I used to use as a home office, this was where it was jam packed full of old school projects, drafting table, paper clips and lots and lots of magazines and books. My husband says everyday that I’m a hoarder, but I just like saving things, “you never know when you’ll need it”- that’s my mantra for life.

CMYfabriK's nursery reveal

When I first found out I needed to design a nursery, I wanted it to be all neutrals which has a classy look to it. I thought about it realistically I decided a) I love color too much b) I wanted this room to have tons of fun textures and colors to give visual interest to the space and c) neutrals don’t hide spills.

Nursery 043-3

I had my eye on the Gold Bars rug via Land Of Nod, but $300 was just a bit much for this room. Especially since my style is always changing, I’d have hated to spend so much on a rug to only want something different in 6 months. Since this rug was going to be in a room that could potentially have a lot of messes. I’d rather have a cheaper one that I can easily switch out if need be. So… when I ran across this rug at the Christmas Tree Store for less than $50 I was sold!

Washi tape around the drawer pulls adds an extra pop of color.
Washi tape around the drawer pulls adds an extra pop of color.

I love making DIY art whenever I can (at home or in a client’s project), so I knew I wanted to make several pieces for this space.  I felt it would mean more for Blueberry to learn that I had painted or made something for her by hand.

Nursery 053

I had a weekend where all I watched were animated kid’s movies on Netflix, and two that inspired me was James and the Giant Peach (top left) and The Lorax (bottom left). These scenes are super happy but also the color scheme was exactly what I had in mind for her nursery.

It looks pretty now but I can’t wait to see how disorganized and lived in it’ll look in a couple more months. I hope you had as much fun checking out her room, as I did styling it. For more nursery design ideas, check out our Baby- Nursery board on Pinterest.


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