3D Interior Design tool I’m loving: Autodesk HomeStyler

I’ve been having fun designing in HomeStyler. It helps me to show clients my design ideas in 3D, which really helps them understand how their spaces will look when everything is said and done. It’s a great program because the images turn out really clear and the perspectives make it so much more realistic looking.

Contemporary hotel room design | One of my dream jobs would be to design a hotel room. Even better would be to design the whole hotel’s look: rooms, common areas, reception space, dining space, etc.

A graphic master bedroom design | I love designing bedrooms, they’re the space where you spend the most of your time in a day. Why not have it look and feel beautifully so you feel happy being there?

A seamstresses work space | Having a creative and calming space while you work helps your creative juices. Being around beautiful things helps you create beautiful things.

Nursery design | This space has a gender neutral feel because it’s not full or just pinks or all blue. Having a good mix of blue, grey and yellow helps keep it modern but live-able and interesting.

Industrial kitchen design | Having different types of metals in your kitchen is bound to happen. In this space I embraced it and made the metal fixtures the focal point, while being accented by the aqua decor.

I love designing 3D rooms, which is good because it showcases my design aesthetic but also beefs up my online portfolio. The hardest part is picking a room to design, because there’s so many different rooms to choose from but also a lot of different ways to style them.

Have any of you used HomeStyler before? What other rendering programs do you prefer to use? It always seems like once I’ve found a program I really enjoy, something better comes out and changes my mind. I know there’s a good amount of design tools out there for people who do room renderings, regardless if you’re an Interior Designer or not.


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