Decorating ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (2)

With Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about your tablescape (if you haven’t already). This is the opportunity to brainstorm the theme or feel of your Thanksgiving get together. You could go the traditional route and have turkey hand cutouts spread throughout your home, orange and brown everything OR you could be creative and find ways to make things interesting. Shake it up a bit! Here is my take on creating a fun and creative look for this Thanksgiving. These are the most important pieces when it comes to decorating your table, let me know what items you think I’ve forgotten in my list.

centerpiece ideas cmyfabrik
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The centerpiece is the most important part of the table design. It’s the starting point when figuring out the look you want, but it’s also the biggest item on the table. The centerpiece is what people will first look at when they enter your dining room, you want it to be perfect!

garland ideas cmyfabrik
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Having a pretty garland in your home is great because it sets the stage for many areas and can be used several different ways. The garland could be hung behind the buffet table which creates a beautiful backdrop for pictures, you have to take pictures of all your hard work cooking the food and decorating. Just get a pic before people start eating and everything gets wonderfully messy. Garland could also be hung on the mantle to create a vignette- just add some pumpkins, vases, picture frames, glass jars, etc. Another option to use garland as decoration is hanging it around the dining table edge.

candle holder ideas cmyfabrik
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Candle holders are fun to use because when used correctly, they can provide the right level of ambient lighting and flair. It’s important to remember levels when choosing candle holders, and setting them up. You don’t want them to all be the same height, they’ll just blend in together. Having them at various heights creates visual interest, and makes for a more well rounded overall look.

place setting ideas by cmyfabrik
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The place setting is another fun spot to be creative, don’t go the usual route with just dishes and a boring placemat. There’s so many ways to layout the place settings, it can be fun,quirky, rustic, classic or opulent (and so on!). Either way you do it, have fun with it- it’s what your guests will remember the most since it’s right under their noses the whole dinner time. Don’t forget about layering here too, play off the plates and napkin rings, having contrasting colors and patterns work really well when done in the same color tones.

napkin ring ideas cmyfabrik
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Napkin rings are the tiniest piece of decor but they can have the biggest impact when picked to match the theme or look you’re going for. Either handmade rings or store bought, they complete the look of the tablescape. Personalized rings are even better because they can be reused (if finished in chalkboard paint). They can even be taken home as a nice memento.

Buffet table with artwork by Emiliya from Little Emma's Flowers
Buffet table with artwork by Emiliya from Little Emma’s Flowers

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