Easy ways to design a retro bedroom design

Marilyn Monroe graffiti
When I saw this graffiti print on Etsy, I knew it would be perfect for a client’s bedroom. I designed a room around this piece and two other Marilyn Monroe paintings, and included it in the design board that I presented to a client. Hopefully he bought them from Jordan and Casey!

Retro Client bedroom

It’s one of my favorite pieces of graffiti art, and I can tell a lot of other people like it too. It’s one of our top pins on Pinterest which can be seen here. I just love sharing art- whether it’s an artist who’s just starting out, someone who’s been in the game for many many years, or whatever in between. It’s great to be able to connect with designers and artists and showcase their work here on our blog. That’s what we’re all about!

Here are some tips I can share to help you design your bedroom to have a retro look to it, without being overdone and tacky looking.

-Choose wall art that references events, items or people from the 30s-50s, that are done in modern ways, such as the art above.

-Bedding and other soft goods can have graphic patterns to them, but mix in solid items that can ground the crazy look of the retro patterns.

-Choose lighting that has metallic finishes that look aged, or buy light fixtures from antique stores and fix them up. A little spray paint doesn’t hurt anybody!

-Don’t go over board with tchotchkes from the good old days. Too many quirky items can make it look really tacky, really quickly and no one wants that. Sprinkle them in sparingly and they create interesting vignettes in your room for people to oogle at.

-Select large pieces that are time neutral or classic, as in buying an upholstered bed frame that doesn’t look like it fits into a specific time period. You want flexibility with the larger pieces that can fit in with the changing of your style.


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